Company Partners

Milly Walker

Milly Walker is a director and theatre maker in Meanjin/Brisbane. Having graduated from QUT with a BFA in Drama, Milly predominantly works in independent productions, community engagement, and children’s theatre in a variety of roles. Blending media and audience interaction to create post-dramatic productions in environmentally conscious and innovative ways is at the centre of Milly’s work. Milly is passionate about sustainable and inclusive practices in the arts, and in forging supportive relationships between collaborators, audiences, and the art itself.

Siobhan Gibbs

Siobhan Gibbs is a theatre-maker, MC, and community worker in Meanjin/Brisbane. She graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Human Services and Bachelor of Creative Industries. Siobhan is a founding member of Chance Collective; working as a performer, creator, and director across the company's various projects. Siobhan is also a performance company member for Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, dance captain for the Common People’s Dance Project with Neridah Waters, and created ‘For The Record,’ a monthly storytelling event in Brisbane. As an independent artist, Siobhan has performed at festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, JungleLove festival, and Ruckus Fest. Her artistic practice is founded in the belief that the power of the arts, and community narratives can facilitate social change.

Olivia Brand

Olivia Brand is a Meanjin/Brisbane based artist, working as a playwright, performer, and facilitator. As a founding member of Chance Collective, Olivia Brand is driven to make theatre that unites community and defies social norms, as well as the norms of art. With a particular interest in comedic work, she has also cackled her way through her independent collaborations with Backbone Youth Ensemble, SUI Ensemble, Vena Cava Productions, and with comedian, Geordie McGrath. Olivia believes in the value of community arts events and initiatives, co-organising Jailbreak Festival in 2019, and co-ordinating Vena Cava’s playwriting program and workshop program in 2018. In her practice, she endeavours to both charm and alienate her audiences, re-contextualizing words and space to empower communities in the process.

Victoria Barlow

Victoria Barlow is a Meanjin/Brisbane performance maker and creative. Graduating from QUT with a BCI in Film and Drama, Victoria's creative practice is centred on collaboration, emotion, and intimate audience experiences. Working in areas of performance, devising, and technical development Victoria is passionate about exploring and blending different mediums and styles of creation. In the development of marketing and social media strategies Victoria is focused on connecting with audiences on an intimate level and broadening the reach and engagement of the wider community in theatre and art.

Melbourne Company Partner


Honor Webster-Mannison is a Melbourne based performance maker and playwright. Honor works in a variety of mediums to create politically charged and tenderly strange theatre and performance art. After graduating from the University of Queensland, where she majored in creative writing and minored in drama and philosophy, Honor moved to Melbourne to undertake a Masters in Writing for Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts. Although she has technically trained as a playwright, undertaking mentorships with companies such as Australian Theatre for Young People, Playlab and Queensland Theatre, she also works as a facilitator, performer and performance maker. Her approach often involves exploring ways to combine text with visual and sensory experience. She is passionate about making art that that resists categorisation.

Collaborating Artists


Lily Daoud is a Lebanese-Australian independent artist and theatre practitioner based in Brisbane/Meanjin. As a graduate from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries with an IB Diploma, and from QUT with a BFA in Drama, her work has focused on community-engaged work, contemporary and children’s theatre, and live music performance. Her multi-disciplinary practice aims to explore new modes of creative and collaborative processes across writing, directing, movement, media, and music, through trans-disciplinary and transcultural lenses. Uplifting voices less listened to with active representation, in transformative everyday spaces, where the role of a conventional audience member gets thrown out the car window.

Past Collaborators


The Nest at Anywhere Festival 2019


Chance, One Last Climax, Chance Encounters, The Nest at House Conspiracy, The Nest at Anywhere Festival, and The Mystery Box at Ruckus Festival