Chance Encounters

Photo Credit: Will Johnstone, Molly Burley (Don't Think Photography), Cam Bond

The Luv Doc, Your Whipstress, Yummie Mummie and Earth Babe. These ladies are waiting for a match and maybe you’re it!

Chance Encounters is a roving performance created for Spill City at The Zoo music venue in Brisbane. Audience members are approached by or may approach a receptionist who matches them with their ‘ideal’ date, a unique and intimate five minute experience. Utilizing drag-like personas, each companion was a stereotypical representation of women looking for love taking audiences through a range of absurd activities and challenges.  

Spill City Vol. 2 2018

Special thanks to Spill City, Zoe Sheppard 

Chance Encounters is available for events and festivals, contact Chance Collective for more information and touring tech specs.