Mr Rocket’s Room

Photo Credit: Starlight Foundation

Commissioned by the Starlight Foundation, Mr Rockets Room is an interactive children’s installation developed for the Queensland Children’s Hospital. The project is designed to complement the interactive Mr Rocket technology, created by local tech company Lightweave. 

The space is transformed into a scrambled up rocket ship sparking imagination, curiosity, and joyful play within all audiences.The interaction prompts visiting children and their guardians to engage with its physical components and accompanying activities. Featured activities include a control-panel for the spaceship (including a fart button), a collection of alien life on display in terrariums, and insights into alien life (through a periscope and building alien activities)

This installation is created as an interactive space for kids to explore and ‘chill out’ creating a period of escape from their time in hospital. 

Queensland Children’s Hospital 2019

Special thanks to Starlight Foundation, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Bazaar Creative

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