One Last Climax

Photo Credit: Fiarrah Harraif

In a suburban Brisbane bedroom near you, sexyGrl68 is premiering something special, but fret not, it’s streaming live to your computer. 

Using song, dance and a Vibrator with performance anxiety, One Last Climax is a 10 minute cabaret spectacular telling the story of  ‘Girl’ who is looking to explore her sexuality and break away from the traditional notions of pleasure she’s been taught to like. Girl’s best friend and vibrator, ‘Vibrator’, is not happy and demands to be involved. Together they must negotiate their affections for one another, one last time.   

Moment of Intertia – Doomsday Cabaret 2018

Wham Bam Cabaret Slam 2018

Short and Sweet Festival 2018

SUI Ensemble – London Calling Ball 2018

Special thanks to Zoe Sheppard