The Nest

The Nest – Installation 

What is Femininity? 

The Nest encourages audiences to deconstruct and explore this question through familiar textures, images, and experiences made strange. Created through a residency with House Conspiracy, The Nest is an interactive, audience driven, multi-media installation allowing audiences to autonomously navigate a room transformed into a pink nest. The installation is designed to prompt curiosity, discussion, and fun while allowing audiences to connect images and experiences with their own understandings to address their thoughts on femininity. 

House Conspiracy 2019

Special thanks to House Conspiracy, Zoe Sheppard 

The Nest – Show 

Developing from the themes present in The Nest Installation, The Nest is an hour long show presented as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival at Cupo’s ‘Concept’ in Fortitude Valley. A haptic theatrical place is created where audiences are invited to colour an assortment of oddities with their own stories and experiences. Absurd presentations of femininity ‘monsters’ are showcased in an intimate performance gallery where woman can be as alien as she is familiar.

“a deliciously strange and unrepentantly weird wander into a surreal date night.”

Nadia Jade – Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

These ‘monsters’ emerge from the trash pile and blend elements of cabaret, clown and physical theatre to ask audiences to question: is anything about being a woman ‘inherent’?

Anywhere Festival 2019

Special thanks to Leah Tilney, Isobel Tait, Zoe Sheppard, Lily Daoud