What we do

Hi there, 

We’re Chance Collective, a Brisbane/Meanjin-based ensemble who create theatrical experiences under the ethos of innovation, accessibility, and sustainable practice. Working with multidisciplinary forms, Chance Collective blends body, space, and audience experience to contest tradition and engage communities.

Creating works and installations for all ages, authentic storytelling, and raw personal experience colours our work, allowing us to facilitate conversations and push boundaries. 

We bring the chaos, the spectacle, and the taboo to meet the audience at the door.


Chance Collective is a performance company founded for the purpose of subversion and rejection of tradition, and celebration of what is then to come. We believe that we are privileged to live on this earth and celebrate and protect this land however we can. We recognise we work on Stolen Land and that we are honoured to be a part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition of storytelling that has occurred on these lands for over 65 000 years. 

Chance opens up the theatre world to all bodies, all people, and believe that work needs to be accessible to anybody who wishes to see it. We believe the culture of exclusion in traditional theatre creates divide and isolation, and we want to bring bodies together in celebration of human existence.

We believe that traditions and social norms restrict and suppress, and we make work that smashes through these invisible boundaries. We tell stories without shame, without stigma and in full power. 

The communities we embed ourselves in, including our own, are crucial to our practice. We strive to reflect the world we exist within through our own lense. 

Together we bring the spectacle, the chaos, and the taboo without fear and with love.